Mithila Gaushala

According to Hindu Scriptures and the popular belief of the Hindu society, 33 crore Devatas (Gods & Goddesses) dwell in the Gaumata (holy cow). Many medicines created from the cow dung and urine are found to be very useful in treatment of many human diseases.  The fertilizer made from the cow manure & pesticides made from cow urine are used in the bio–organic farming very routinely, thereby giving food to humans which is free from any harmful chemicals. Not only the cow and her complete family useful for farming but also give us milk. Thus the Cow is like a divine boon to the human society.

The Mithila Gaushala was inaugurated by Pujya Swami Viditatmanandji Maharaj on 19th Feb 2003. It was started with the "Gaudan" of 3 cows by Pujya Swamini Vidyaprakashanandji Maharaj and her parents. At present there are 10 cows and 1 bull in the Gaushala.

In the surrounding area of Janki Ashram most people depend on farming for their sustenance. Through many training workshops conducted at our Gaushala, Janki Ashram has trained more than 500 farmers from over 90 villages to make bio-organic fertilizer using cow manure and wastage from their surroundings. Many of them are thus using these inexpensive, natural and recyclable techniques in their farming. The girls in the Janki Ashram are also trained in these techniques.