While travelling in these remote village areas, it was noted that whatever schools were there were very irregular. Most of the children were not interested in studying and many of the teachers were not interested in teaching. Due to illiteracy, people were becoming victims of superstitions and bad practices. The tribal people were victims of social, cultural and financial exploitation. People were falling prey to the bad habit of liquor drinking in a big way. Because there were no avenues for further education after the preliminary education, the girls were not educated beyond that. Parents wanted to educate their children, but for a people staying in perennial poverty, there was no other way.

Shri Dev Mogara Mata

The main deity of the tribal people around here is Shri Panduri mata. This very sacred deity’s temple is 27 kms from Dediapada in a small village named Dev Mogara. There is a strong belief in the tribal people that a long time ago, in a distant past, at a time when a devastating famine had gripped this area, Shri Panduri Mata had saved everybody’s life. From her personal stock of grains she had continuously fed everyone for a long time. And her stock of grains miraculously was never finished. Since that incidence, all the tribal people considered her their main deity.      

With all these things in the background, Janki Ashram was established in the Year 2000 AD, with the express purpose of women empowerment through education of the girl child.  Started with a Janki Kanya Chhatralay (girls’ hostel) with only 20 tribal girl children, Janki Ashram today runs various developmental activities under its’ auspices. Through these developmental activities, over 300 villages from Dediapada and Sagabara tehsils are benifitted.

In 11 years of it's establishment, Janki Ashram has many achievements to its credit.


  • Over 400 students have been given education in Janki Ashram.
  • A girl by the name Mrs Lilaben Vasava, who is the in charge of the Janki Kanya Chhatralay, was a student here before. The atmosphere in the Janki Kanya Chhatralay is effective enough to awaken in her a sense of duty towards our society. Not only this but she has studied to become graduate in field of Arts as well as trained herself in computers also. We have computer education in Janki School.
  • Two girls after completing studies from here are teaching in the government nursery schools.
  • Four girls from Janki Ashram are now serving as nurses in the hospital.
  • Two girls are studying engineering now.
  • In the Year 2010, the first batch of Std.  X th passed out from Janki School. The result was 68.29%.  The result of the second batch of Std. X th in 2011 was 92.2%. So slowly a system of higher education is being built.

Medical and other Social Service Activities :

In the earlier times when people used to fall sick, they used to go to quacks. Janki Ashram conducts occasional medical camps throughout the year. Doctors are coming from Ankaleshwar along with medicines.

  • Over 3000 patients have benefitted from these services.
  • Free operations for over 50 people have been performed so far.
  • Janki Ashram makes arrangements for drinking water and soft drinks in the Shri Dev Mogara Mata pilgrimage every year.

Social Awakening:

  • Over 650 people have been freed from the dangerous habit liquor drinking through counseling.
We are trying to build a model for total upliftment of the tribal people on the basis of education of the girl child - empowerment of women - with a holistic view.