Janki Girl's Hostel

Vishva Hindu Parishad runs thousands service projects all over Bharat in the field of education, medicine, technical education for sustenance, eradication of superstitions  and bad practices prevalent in the society etc. Janki Ashram was also started with the same love for our society and motherland. It was started with a sense of duty that we feel towards our brethren. Our work is driven by the selfless desire to help and serve our fellow person. Looking at the bad situation in the Dediapada surroundings- the poverty, superstition, lack of education and medical facilities, danger to the age old cultural and ethnic values by many organizations working in the surrounding area- karyakartas  took the plunge in Year 2000 to start our work.

The first bold step was establishing Janki Ashram, in the form of a tribal girls' hostel with a modest number of 20 tribal girls.

Janki Girl's Hostel (Girls Hostel)

A woman is the mainstay of a family. An educated and cultured girl in any family will do great things for her family. This cultured and educated family is the basis for building a lovely, safe village-society-country and the world.

Keeping this vision in mind Janki Ashram started the work in June, 2000. Today 126 girls from 73 villages are staying here happily building the life of their dreams!

Janki Girl's Hostel at a glance (Year 2000 - 2010)

Year Girls Villages Tehsils Districts
2002-03 29 20 2 1
2003-04 36 30 2 1
2004-05 46 34 2 1
2005-06 46 35 3 3
2006-07 49 37 3 3
2007-08 70 55 4 3
2008-09 108 70 4 3
2009-10 111 73 4 3
2010-11 123 72 7 3
2011-12 126 73 7 3

In Janki Girl's Hostel, special attention is paid so that the girls gain different work experiences so that they are trained and fit for day to day life. In an interesting daily timetable of morning 5 am to night 10 pm they are very naturally building their personality.